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List of Diplomas, Certificates, and Degrees Dr. Olivia Valenzuela, BD, DNM

About Dr Olivia, BD, DNM

Dr. Olivia Valenzuela, DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine), Master Herbalist, and BD (Bioenergetic Doctor), was raised on her family's agricultural farm in Southern California. Several generations of her family had always grown organic vegetables using natural fertilizers and farming methods. Throughout the years, they learned the medicinal properties of their herbs and pursued herbology as a family hobby. The Valenzuela family

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The Bodywork Center, Inc

even named a special plot of land called "El Campo de Hierbas " (The Herbal Field), where they grew organic herbs.

As a young child, Olivia was taught that land provided all the essential tools needed to heal the body and its issues.  She also became infatuated with her family's herbology.  When an older sister began to study Iridology under the renowned Dr. Bernard Jensen and could analyze the condition of the human body using the irises of the human eye, she saw it as a great opportunity.  She continually sat near her sister while she was studying to absorb everything that her sister read and was told. Olivia fell in love with science and all things herbal!

After high school, Olivia attended college and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree at Fresno State University. She then worked as a Back Office Manager in a podiatrist's office for six years and as a Back Office Medical Assistant at a family care center. When her sinus infections began to deteriorate her nasal cavity as a young adult, she seriously pursued homeopathic and naturopathic remedies.

Originally she began Distinct Touch as a massage clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1993.  After she began training in a naturopathic healing approach, she expanded the clinic to include natural therapies.  The clinic then moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1997 and she renamed it Distinct Touch, The Bodywork Center, Inc.  With its growing national clientele, Distinct Touch focuses on natural therapies and persistently addresses many stages of detoxification and wellness. Olivia continues to expand her skills to include new treatments and therapies through training and education.

On October 13, 2011 Dr. Olivia opened a satellite clinic, Distinct Touch II in the Metro Denver Area of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Her satellite office offers a select number of natural medicine services to clients in the Denver Metro Area. 

1987   San Joaquin Valley College and worked as a Certified Back Office Medical Assistant
1989   Bachelor of Science, Fresno State University, Fresno, California

1990   University of California at Berkeley, Radiology Course
1994   Certificate, Natural Health Practitioner: Practicum in Essential Oils and Effusions, Trinity  School of Natural Health, Warsaw,


1996   Sioux Falls School of Massage Therapy, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1998   Intermediate though Advanced Level, Advanced Level Hydro-Colon Therapy Certificate
1998   Cranial Sacral Therapy Level I & II Certificate, Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
1998   Soma Emotional Release Certificate, Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
1998   Cranial Sacral Therapy Levels 1-5, Inner Health Institute, Manitou Springs, Colorado
1998   Lymphatic Therapy, Inner Health Institute, Manitou Springs, Colorado
1998   Master Herbology, Frontier Herbal Institute, Boulder, Colorado
1998   Systems Practicum in Essential Oils and Effusions Certificate, Trinity School of Natural Health, Warsaw, Indiana
1998   Biofeedback Level I, II, III, IV  International Academy of Biofeedback, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1999   Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

2000   Myofascial Release Level I & II, Paul Barnes, Sedona, Arizona

2000   Health Practitioner Certification in Herbology, Nutrition, Bodywork, Bodysystems, Trinity School of Natural Health, Warsaw,


2000   Study in Iridology, Dr. Bernard Jensen

2001   Study in Holistic Iridology, David Prosek

2002   Study in Holistic Iridology, David Prosek

2005   Capno Therapy, Dr. Peter Litchfield, Boulder, Colorado

2005   Doctor of Naturopathy, Trinity School of Natural Health, Warsaw, Indiana

2007   Advanced Auricular Therapy certificate, Dr Ed Sullivan, Denver, Colorado

2008   Master of Herbology, Trinity School of Natural Health, Warsaw, Indiana

2009   Study in Bionetic Medicine, BM Institute, Westminister, Colorado

2009   Certificate in Quantum Neurological Release Therapy (QRNT formerly called EON), Roswell, Georgia

2009   Certificate #81044, Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, American Naturopathic Medical Association Certification Board of

          Examiners, to practice Naturopathy in United States of America

2009   Certificate, Wilson Temperature Syndrome (WTS)

2010   Diploma and Degree, Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine (IBM), Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine, Centennial, Colorado

2010   Degree, Doctor of Natural Medicine (formerly called Naturopathic Medicine) Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine (IBEM),

          Centennial, Colorado

2012   Hydro Colon Therapy Instructor Certification, I-ACT, San Antonio, Texas

2014   Certified as a Naturopathic Doctor by the (ANMA) American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. (Please note that the

          state of Colorado recognizes only the North American Board of Examiners certification, not ANMA. For more information, see DORA

          Office of Naturopathic Doctor Registration

Dr Olivia, BD, DNM, takes courses continuously to keep abreast in current technology and developments in all areas of natural medicine. She has recently opened Maric Institute to teach natural medicine.