History of the Body Scan

​In the early 1950s, Dr Reinhold Voll, a German medical doctor, successfully developed an electronic testing device for finding acupuncture points electrically. His findings showed how acupuncture points had a different and greater resistance to a tiny electrical current passed through the body, than did the surrounding tissue. (Many other researchers have also verified this point). Voll then began a search to identify correlations between disease states and changes in the electrical resistance of the various acupuncture points. He found electrical changes in certain acupuncture points were associated with certain diseases, allowing him to identify those diseases earlier when treatment is more likely to be effective.  His research findings grew to include the following discoveries:
Musculoskeletal changes such as inflammation reflected abnormal readings in the electrical nature of the acupuncture points.    
Certain acupuncture points showed abnormal reading when subjects were reacting allergically which contributed to allergy testing.

The acupuncture readings would change again when a closed glass bottle of medicine was placed in the person’s pocket and placed near his testing equipment.  By inserting a metal plate into the circuitry, he was able to discover how to electro-magnetically transfer the benefits of the medication (via electric current) to the body without the person ingesting the medication. This was a huge and famous discovery to provide medication virtually without side effects.1
Dr Voll was not only able to locate acupuncture points electronically for treatment to bring these points back into the normal range but he could also use his system to identify diseases and allergies.


Does the Body Scan Hurt?

No, it does not. It measures the energy of the body according to the acupressure points. The testing is safe, non-evasive, pain-free, and takes only 20 minutes.

Distinct Touch And SpectraVision BodyScan 2010

What is A BodyScan?

Not to be confused with the equipment used at airports, our SpectraVision BodyScan 2010 is an effective biofeedback device that measures the energy of the body according to the acupressure points.  Through these measurements, Distinct Touch is able to assess more than 16,000 diseases, toxins, molds, viruses including HIV and hepatitis, substances, past and current physical conditions, nutritional deficiencies, chemical exposures, parasites, pollens, etc.


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It begins by applying a harness with implanted electrodes to your forearm or hand which connects you to the SpectraVision BodyScan 2010 machine.   Once the test is completed, Dr Olivia Valenzuela (BD, DNM) will review and access the stress and stress-related body scan responses with you. Imbalances are analyzed and a recipe is made to help balance your acupuncture points. Your customized treatment plan is then discussed with you and put in writing.  It includes Nutritional Counseling and identifies what follow-up treatments needed and their frequency. Please allow two hours for complete the body scan procedure.

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The Body Scan is not a diagnostic device and cannot provide a diagnosis.  It iss an evaluation tool to help you in your journey to wellness.

​Feeling tired or toxic? Received some disappointing news from your medical doctor? Please call us at our Colorado Springs or our Arvada clinic to schedule your BodyScan appointment so we can evaluate what is happening in your body and how we can address your individual needs.



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We are inspired to assist in your wellness journey toward optimal health

Our SpectraVision Body Scan 2010 has been developed into a computerized version of Dr Voll’s electronic testing device with software to identify over 10,000 substances, diseases, and physical conditions, and provide recommendations for effective therapies.

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