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Coming in March 2014: Distinct Touch online Seven Buds store where you can purchase products.

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Seven Buds Product List

Alight Tincture for light headache relief
Black Salve for rashes and scars
Blood Cleanse Tincture
Breathe Tincture for bronchitis
Candice Capsules for candida cleansing
Candice Tincture for candida cleansing
Cardio Tincture
Choice Capsules, our Seven Buds multi-vitamin
Circulation Tea aids circulatory problems
Cough Tincture loosens chest congestion for productive coughs
White Flower Blend Essential Oil
Feminism I Tincture for PMS and menopausal symptoms
Feminism II Tincture for post menopausal symptoms
Gastric-EZ Capsules to relief indigestion
Gout I Tincture

Gout II Tincture
Feminism Salve
Herbal Salve for relief of skin rash relief
Hypothalmus Tincture
Immune Tea relieves congestion and boosts immunity
Inner Sense Intestinal Cleanser Capsules provides fiber for colon cleansing
Kuul Salve relieves chest and nasal congestion
Lymph Tincture detoxs lymph system
Metal Detox Tincture detoxs metals and chemicals
Muces Tincture relieves mucous
Kidney Tincture cleanses the kidneys
Pain-EZ Capsules for muscular pain relief (Warning: will make you drowsy. Do not take while operating any machinery or driving.)
Prost Man for prostrate health
Purification Tincture cleanses bacteria
Relief Tincture for hayfever and allergies

Relief Capsules

Respirol Tincture for asthma attacks
Rest My Eyes Tea for candida eye symptoms
Sleep I Tincture a sleep aid
Sugar I Tincture for diabetes support
Support I Tincture for adrenal support
Support II Tincture for liver and gallbladder support
Systemic Formula I Tincture

Systemic Formula II Tincture

Systemic Formula III Tincture
Thyroid Tincture
Viral Tincture


Although Distinct Touch offers a number of natural and organic brands of health supplements, we also produce our own line of organic, all natural tinctures, vitamins, essential oils, colon cleanser, skin salves, and during the Christmas season flavored vinegars and bath products. Our brand, Seven Buds, is produced by Dr Olivia Valenzuela, BD, DNM,  with the highest quality of natural organic ingredients available to ensure effectiveness. Also a Master Herbalist, Dr Olivia (BD, DNM) has worked tirelessly to formulate supplement recipes that assist in relieving symptoms, detoxifying the body, and restoring optimal health. To ensure the safety of all our clients, we will sell our Seven

Brands to recent clientswho have completed a physical evaluation