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Distinct Touch and Q ENERGYspa® Therapy

Distinct Touch, The Bodywork Center, Inc. considers the Q ENERGYspa® as an effective therapy for detoxification for many clients. Our training, experience and evaluation tools allow Dr. Olivia Valenzuela, BD, DNM, to determine its suitability given client’s circumstances and health. Call to schedule an appointment today at (719) 471-3535.  Dr Olivia Valenzuela, BD, DNM, will evaluate your condition and develop a customize treatment plan just for you.

Call to schedule an appointment today at (719) 471-3535.  We will evaluate your condition and discuss your situation.

Q Energy Spa Therapy


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therapy. It works on the principle that our bodies, being electrical and seventy percent water, can be recharged by delivering an appropriate bio-charge to our body’s own bio-electrical field. Recharging our body’s electrical system provides several health benefits as well as increased energy. Not to be confused with ionic bath therapies, Q ENERGYspa® carefully developed bio-charge system has achieved a rate of success that has not been achieved using any other principles.  

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What is a Q Energy Spa Therapy?

The Q Energy Spa is a bio-energy device that delivers a bio-charge to the body’s own frequency and recharges your electrical system to provide increased energy and to detoxify the dermal skin layers.

Benefits of Q ENERGYspa® Therapy

The benefits of the Q ENERGYspa® units are extensive. They include increased vitality and energy; pain relief; faster recovery time; improved concentration and sleeping patterns; increased perception and well being; improved liver, kidney and endocrine functions; as well as reduced inflammation and swelling. Other benefits include reduced arthritic and menstrual pain, assisting with incontinence, gout conditions, organic toxin neutralization and much more. The complex magnetic fields of the unit permeate and realign your own body’s energy field which allows the body to function better.

The unit is designed for use by all ages as it has no side effects and is completely safe.  It cannot be used by people who have battery operated implants such as pacemakers, or implanted organs, during pregnancy or while on a course of prescription drugs.  Organic medicines such as herbs are not considered drugs.

What To Expect During Q ENERGYspa® Therapy

Distinct Touch offers two types of Q ENERGYspa® therapies: a full body treatment where your body is immersed in a bathtub and a foot treatment where your feet are placed in a tub. (Please note that the full body immersion therapy is not available in the Arvada clinic.)

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How Does a Q Energy Spa Bath Therapy Work?

Presented at the Global Sciences Congress in Colorado in 1999, the Q ENERGYspa® is a bio-energy 

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The Bodywork Center, Inc

When the tub is filled with water, the unit is placed in the water with you. Occasionally additional mineral salts are added to balance dehydration. overlaced in a normal bathtub after the person to receive the therapy is already in the water. The Q ENERGYspa® unit delivers a bio-charge to the body’s own frequency, which recharges the body’s electrical system, and gives you an energy boost. The treatment lasts from 25 –30 minutes.  The water becomes discoloured while the body releases toxins and foreign materials as it detoxifies the dermal layers (skin).

How to Prepare for a Colonic


Distinct Touch recommends:

Drink plenty of water (at least 40 oz.).

Wear loose clothing and pants that can be easily rolled up to knee.

Do not eat at least 3 hours before your appointment time.

Shower, rest and eat a nutritious meal afterwards to enhance the detoxification process.

The Q ENERGYspa® enhances the bio-electrics of all your cells by increasing the electrical charge on their plasma membranes.  Because Q’s electrical charge is metabolically compatible with the electrical charge of the cell, it increases the available metabolic energy to the cell.  Boosting and extending this electrical field to the proper parameters, helps to restore cell membrane wall’s integrity.  Once proper cell function is restored to proper function, the body starts to process and eliminate toxins effectively again. The liver and kidney start to remove more of the toxins returning the body to its normal function. Health begins. Read More