At Distinct Touch, we draw upon a number of different therapeutic methods to develop a treatment program that is carefully tailored to your current abilities, physical and emotional health, motivation, and treatment goals.

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The Bodywork Center, Inc

Our Services

Auricular Therapy  is a therapy treatment that provides pressure to acupuncture reflexology points on the ear.  Dr Olivia, BD, DNM, staff has been trained and certified to assess which of the affected 200 points of the ear are involved.  These represent the different parts of the body and its structures.Read More

Biofeedback  is a therapy that teaches people to gain control of certain physiological processes that normally happen involuntarily, such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature in order to improve their health.

BodyScan 2010  is used for the assessment of abnormalities throughout the body such as parasites, viruses, bacteria, molds, metals, chemicals, diseases, conditions, etc.Read More

Capno Therapy  relieves over-breathing.Read More

Colonic (Hydro-colon Therapy)  is an irrigation method of purifying the large intestine which leads to detoxification of the whole system.Read More

Consultations  are available for initial evaluations, progress reviews, and Iridology evaluations. Please contact our clinic in Colorado Springs (719) 471-3535 or Arvada (303) 463-3306.

Cranial Sacral Therapy  is a gentle, hands-on method of massage that evaluates and enhances physiological functions.

Cupping, International  is a method where small cups are placed upside down on the skin creating a vacuum. The vacuum draws up the tissues underneath where blood stagnation is formed and toxins are released.Read More

Ear Candling  is a method for releasing ear wax and fungus from the ear canal.

EMI (Electro Meridian Imaging)  is a method developed by Dr. Yoshio Nakatani, MD, PhD to examine the meridian system of the body. It assists auricular therapists in analyzing meridian points.

EEG (Electroencephalography) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp. EEG measures voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain.

Facial Sinus Drainage

Herbal Body Wrap Therapy  surrounds your body in detoxifying and aromatic herbs for a relaxing, refreshing 45 minutes.

Herbal Supplement Therapy  is provided in conjunction with therapy. We have manufactured a product line of organic remedies, SEVEN BUDS, formulated by wild-crafted herbs. Our SEVEN BUDS brand include Herbal Colon Cleanser, Bath Salts, Dietary Supplements, Essential Oils, and a variety of tinctures. We also carry other products endorsed by various naturopathic corporations and studies with reputable results. See our Products.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a procedure where exposure to increasing amounts of pressurized oxygen attributes to healing benefits.

Iridology uses the iris of the human eye to indicate body ailments and conditions.

Lymphatic Drainage  stimulates the lymphatic vessels that carry substances vital to the defense of the body and removes waste products.

Myofascial Therapy  is a massage procedure that prevents or relieves symptoms related to the myofascial tissues in your back.

Neuromuscular Therapy  is a massage technique that manipulates the soft tissue of the body muscles, tendons, and connective tissue to balance the Central Nervous System.

Nutritional Therapy  is to provide our body what it needs, when it needs to achieve and maintain optimal health, build strength, and repair damage when ill. Truly, you are what you eat.

Q Energy Spa  is the Q2 system that produces a complex electromagnetic waveform which resonates throughout the water and interacts with it in a way that synergistic with the bio-electric state of the body, detoxing the entire body.

QNRT, Quantum Neurological Release Therapy  previously called E'ON is a dynamic blend of leading-edge science, technology, and healing modalities developed to retrain the nervous system to optimize vitality and success.  It helps to: increase the innate healing power of the body, relieve the body of years of stress, stop energy leaks so that great energy can be enjoyed, release toxins relatively easily, overcome chronic and acute infections, and resolve mental-emotional conditions by releasing memories held on a cellular level. Read More

Raindrop Therapy  combines aroma therapy using essential oils and massage techniques with heat to stimulate the body at a cellular level, to boost the immune system, and to enable the body to release toxins.

Reflexology is a type of manipulation where reflex points in the feet and hands are stimulated.

Rife Therapy uses ultrasound to kill germs. Through the Rife machine produces a resonant frequency specifically designed to attack specific pathogens or germs.therapy uses ultrasound to kill germs.

Saunas  both Infrared and Herbal Wet Saunas are offered by Distinct Touch. Our infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. Our Wet Sauna heats your body primarily with conduction and convection heated air that radiates off the heated surfaces of the sauna room. Both of our saunas produce a resonant absorption which matches the frequency of the water in the body's cells. This causes toxins from the cells to be moved into the blood stream where they can be excreted naturally through various body functions including sweat.

SomaEnergetic Therapy  is a powerful series of sound therapies that utilize tuning forks tuned to the frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio scale to help open energy channels for personal transformation and healing.

Wilson Temperature Syndrome  is a peristent but reversible slowing of the metabolism often brought on by the stress of illness, injury, or emotional trauma. Treatment includes herbal supplements, dietary changes, rest, exercise, and avoiding stress.

Zaaz is a whole body vibration machine that gently engages the muscles, joints, lymph, and circulatory systems of the entire body. It is a powerful  tool in aiding lymph drainage and promoting detoxification.Read More

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